Things You Should Know When Choosing The Best Canker Sore Treatment

Mouth sores are probably one of the most irksome oral conditions that have beleaguered people from different ages, genders, and ethnicities. The occurrence of these seemingly diminutive bumps can cause excruciating pain and could be signs of critical underlying health problems. Unknown to most, they have been medically categorized in two – canker sores and cold sores (fever blisters). Canker sores are deemed as the less severe forms of mouth sores while fever blisters are seen in a more threatening stance since they are caused by a permanent microbe, the Herpes Simplex virus. Although most use fever blisters and cold sores on a similar context, these oral conditions have major differences that will draw the line in giving the proper canker sore remedy or Herpes Simplex treatment.
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Canker sores, scientifically known as aphthous ulcers, are the more common and non-contagious form of mouth sores. Burning sensation, tingling, and a slight pain inside the mouth precede the formation of these ulcers. Aphthous ulcers appear as white or yellow lesions surrounded by an inflamed, red border.

While their definite cause remains unknown, medical experts have named certain trigger factors that usually set off the growth of canker sores. Physical trauma like toothbrush abrasions, brace adjustments, and tooth extractions are few of the most common canker sore culprits. Food allergies, citrus fruits, rapid weight loss, stress and nutritional deficiency have also been mentioned as crucial triggering factors. Insufficient amount of nutrients like vitamin B12, Zinc, folic acid, and iron have shown a consistent link in people who have complained about having canker sores.

In spite of all the bothersome symptoms brought by canker sores, the good news is that there are a lot of cures presented to canker sore sufferers.

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Canker sore treatment range from oral medications to topical creams or dental pastes. Tetracycline, Viscous Licodaine and Silver Nitrate are some of the chemical preparations prescribed as canker sore remedies. Nutritional supplements like vitamin B12, folic acid, and zinc have also been considered effective in speeding up the healing phase. Aside from these prescriptions, home remedies are also presented to conventional aphthous ulcer patients. Salt solution as well as the well-known diphenhydramine and Maalox mixture has both showed commendable results in reducing the symptoms of canker sores. Naturopathic treatments using herbal concoctions from Rhadiola Rosea or the Spilanthes acmella flower are also prescribed by some providers. However, no intensive medical studies have been done to scrutinize contra indication properties and possible adverse side effects of these natural compounds.
The Canker Sore Treatment
With all the canker sore remedies available in today’s medical arena, knowing the exact triggering factor will aid in coming up with the most accurate canker sore treatment. Whether your sore has been caused by food allergies, fever, stress, or the effect of a certain nutritional deficiency, the bottom line is that these ulcers appear due to a compromised immune system. Ensuring that your health stays in the pink zone is still the best form of prevention against these burgeoning mouth sores. When inexorable instances have made you a part of the mouth sore statistics, just keep in mind that there are effective and non-invasive canker sore treatments that will get to the bottom of obstinate canker sore glitches.

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