Don’t Let The Wrong Fever Blister Treatment Ruin Your Self-Confidence

For the approximate 40 million people who acquire the Herpes Simplex virus every year, the agitation and the chagrin brought by this disease are certainly far from being calming and cushy. For the 10% who experience full blown signs and breakouts, the pain and the humiliation are all too common, and by far distressing. Type 1 of the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) is infamous for setting off appalling blisters in the facial zone and in the internal areas of the mouth.
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Without the proper Herpes Simplex treatment, transmitting the lesions in other parts of your body is very likely to occur as well. These blisters appear as eruptions in the mucus membrane inside the mouth or as lesions on the skin. They are usually seen as red, swollen papules or fluid-filled vesicles. Tiny lesions may coalesce and form one horrid blister on your face or on other parts of your body. Getting treated as soon as the initial symptoms manifest will help reduce the chances of transmission and may condense recurrent breakouts.

Fever blisters, also known as cold sores, can be triggered by a lot of factors. Apart from the perceptible reason of a compromised immune system, physical exhaustion and mental fatigue have been named as major elements that usually activate dormant Herpes Simplex virus in the human system. Processed sugars, fever, and over exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays have also been famed cold sore culprits. Though some causes and symptoms maybe similar with canker sores, knowing your actual medical state will go a long way in determining whether or not you should opt for a canker sore treatment or a Herpes simplex medication. A visit to your doctor and a few tests will help verify what type of oral lesions or blisters have beleaguered your system.

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Though a Herpes Simplex vaccine is currently in the works in different medical laboratories worldwide, the virus still remains incurable at the moment. Medical experts and pharmaceutical companies can only offer treatments for the symptoms and for reducing breakout probabilities. Aside from a drug-based fever blister treatment, there are alternative means presented to cold sore sufferers. Some non-chemical based remedies are lysine supplements, lemon balm, Resveratrol, peppermint oil, reishi, and propolis. A Chinese herb called “self heal” (Prunella vulgaris) has also been found to be effective in both strains of Herpes Simplex and could work in cases where immunity to acyclovir has already occurred. This herb is also grown in some parts of Europe. Laboratory tests conducted by medical professionals in Japan have also noted that black currant can fight herpes simplex.
The Canker Sore Treatment
In Germany, a Herpes Simplex treatment in the form of rhubarb and sage cream showed commendable results compared to sage cream alone. The fusion of both concocted herbs proved to be as effective as the application of acyclovir cream, and in some cases, far better. With all the pharmaceutical hype and attention that the Herpes Simplex virus is getting worldwide, sufferers continue to hope that someday, a vaccine or a permanent cure will be formulated by renowned health professionals.

For now, cold sore patients and those infected with other strains of Herpes Simplex will have to be extra keen in filtering all the presented medications in the market. While some claims about alleviating the symptoms of cold sores may be exaggerated, there is still a credible Herpes Simplex treatment that will make your condition better in many ways. Aside from a few reliable and trustworthy Herpes Simplex treatment, a positive outlook and preemptive measures to boost the resistance of your immune system will draw that distinguishing line of being in the pink, or being in the red zone of your health. Keep in mind that when it comes to treating those nasty cold sores, YOU call the shots.

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