Get Back Your Self-Confidence – Pick The Right Herpes Simplex Treatment

With seven million sufferers in the United States alone, cold sores are certainly one of the most abhorrent and prevalent oral lesions that have infested scores of generations. In fact, ancient Roman records reveal that kissing in civic ceremonies was even proscribed due to a pervasive cold sore pandemic. Today, these oral lesions continue to affect nine of ten individuals and only one out of five patients receives proper diagnosis and apt fever blister treatment.
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Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, are deemed as the more daunting and taxing form of mouth sores. Not only because of their contagious character but also because their occurrence in the facial zone (nostrils, chin, lips, cheeks) can cause emotional stigma thru feelings of discomfiture and low self-esteem. While these facets of cold sores are distressing enough, the added fact that it is brought by a permanent virus further escalates the strain levels brought by cold sores.

This viral perpetrator is called the Herpes Simplex virus. Type 1 of this microbe causes the oral lesions while type 2 accounts for genital herpes. Apart from the fluid-filled blisters that may appear on the external areas of your face, fever blisters may also occur inside your mouth and other areas of your body. Spreading the lesions in other areas is as easy as touching them right after you’ve touched a fresh blister. In most cases, you may not be too aware that you are already sabotaging yourself by simply touching a sore then rubbing your eyes or scratching an itchy insect bite. Though sores and their symptoms may last for 10 days or so, the virus will stay dormant in your system for the rest of your life.

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Unlike the scores of canker sore treatment that addresses the problem and the symptoms altogether, no cures have been formulated for Herpes Simplex just yet. However, vaccines and other forms of permanent cures are continuously on the works in various medical facilities worldwide. In spite of the lack of vaccine or actual medication to address the cessation of Herpes Simplex in the human sytem, there are more than a few types of Herpes Simplex treatment that have been formulated to reduce the bothersome and occasionally thwarting symptoms of Herpes Simplex, and reduce episodes of cold sore breakouts.

On the inception of the virus, burning or tingling sensations may be felt prior to the bumpy, blister formation around your mouth. Though the exact cause has not been determined by medical professionals, certain trigger factors have been noted in different cold sore patients. Fever, stress, hormonal imbalance (due to menstrual cycle or pregnancy), sun exposure, extreme weather conditions, sudden weight loss, steroidal medication, diet constraints (alcohol, chocolates, lentils, junk foods, and nuts trigger breakouts), and fatigue have been distinguished to precede fever blisters, or stimulate dormant herpes simplex microbes and eventually induce a breakout.
The Canker Sore TreatmentPharmaceutical companies and health experts have come up with topical creams and oral prescription drugs to reduce the average 2-week curative period where symptoms usually max out and blisters are at the peak of the swelling phase. The most common compounds and drug mixtures prescribed are Docosanol, Lysine, and Acyclovir. These medications were formulated to hasten the healing phase, reduce chances of recurrent breakouts, and minimize transmission probabilities. However, conservative patients still have reservations about using drug based compounds as options for ongoing medication. In this regard, Herpes Simplex treatment in the form of herbal concoctions and home remedies have become viable alternatives.

Common fever blister treatments that you may find in your kitchen are honey and baking soda. Honey has inherent antiviral properties while baking soda prevents replication of sores by forming an alkaline base. Corn starch paste and aloe vera extract are both capable of reducing the tingling sensation and speeding up the healing process. Drinking sage tea with ginger overtones and applying a warm tea bag directly to the blister have also demonstrated varied levels of healing progress in cold sores. Though these remedies have been deemed effective by a significant number of patients, experts still discourage the use of substances which you may be allergic to.

With both drug-based and practical treatments offered to millions of cold sore sufferers across the nation, medical experts still see eye to eye in saying that prevention will always be better than any form of compound or concoction. Exercise, a healthy diet, minimal stress, and enough sleep will always be no-brainer solutions in being a step ahead of any disease, and herpes simplex infections are no exemptions. When you have appallingly caught the virus, the same rules still apply. Bear in mind that the best Herpes Simplex treatment may not always come with Rx labels.

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